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"I just wanted to say that I roasted both of my chickens on Sunday and they were superb! The chickens were just plain beautiful both before roasting and after... Please keep up your excellent stewardship." Katherine, Encinitas

"I just ordered my second batch of chickens from Living Earth Ranch. She delivered the first 6 to my house on Christmas Eve. They had just been butchered that day or the day before. They taste amazing! I’m ordering 6 more." Patty, Mira Mesa

"Delicious! I bought one of your chickens last Friday at the La Mesa Farmers Market. I cooked it slowly tonight in my grill over a pan to catch the juices and have to say it was a fabulous chicken! I'll be seeing you again for sure!!"  Patricia, La Mesa

"We purchased "reluctantly" a chicken from you about 3 months ago at the Encinitas farmer's market and i cooked it at home that night. I didn't feel like cooking chicken that nite. I'm a professional chef from NYC and that was the BEST TASTING CHICKEN I have ever eaten. We've been looking for you ever since. Yahoo!! I'll buy the CSA package from you and maybe become an investor if I can convince my wife. I will love to visit your farm. Yahoo !!!" Jim, NY Chef

"We got one of your birds at the Leucadia Farmers Market, and I can honestly say it is perhaps the tastiest and most tender chicken I have every tasted. Good job! We hope you become a regular fixture here." Bruce, Leucadia

"Thanks for the chicken you delivered this week- it was truly wonderful! We had a great dinner of roasted chicken and potatoes (from our garden), the next day chicken panni sandwiches, last night chicken tacos and now I have chicken broth simmering away in my crock pot; all from one bird! I haven't bought any other chicken this year but your amazing free range organic birds and feel very good about the health benefits for my family and the planet we live on! Thank you." Jessica, Natural Health and Prevention Blog, Poway

"We purchased a 7lb chicken from the Leucadia Farmers Market on Sunday. I roasted it tonight and it was perfect. The breast meat was super tender and the dark meat great. There is a flavor in the meat that you cannot describe, you just know that flavor is missing from store bought meat." Leah, Leucadia

"We are loving the latest chicken. Andrew brined it in sea salt and honey and some herbs, and it's the most juicey delicious bird we've ever had! The stock is incredible too.  Just had it for breakfast!"  Julie, Ocean Beach

"By the way, the chicken was delicious! We used it in a couple different meals and still have a big pot of stock." Kate, Encinitas

"I just served up your amazing chickens to my very fortunate clients! The Birds were firm and the meat was incredibly delicious! awesome job... I am looking forward to working with you for a long time!"  Lance, The Flavor Chef Encinitas

"I just baked one of the chickens you delivered yesterday - divine! I tucked butter, garlic, and rosemary under the skin and stuffed it with some lemon and then salted it with pink salt. SO GOOD! I'm so grateful we found you and look forward to continued business with you!" Amy, Encinitas

"These chickens are different. You can really taste the quality. You notice the difference immediately. They are really something special."  Ron, Leucadia Farmers Market Manager

"We made an amazing coq au vin yesterday with one of your birds (rooster). It was amazing! Thanks so much!" Jared, Encinitas

"I bought a 4.75 lb. bird from you a week ago Sunday, 9th of Sept. Roasted it under foil with melted butter, rosemary and garlic under the skin, for 450 F (had not read your website directions at that time, and will use lower temp. and longer times next time). This bird had zero fat, and I could not believe how little water (apparently, most add water). The meat on the breast is so moist and juicy and tasty all by itself! I taste it and can not stop eating! I will never buy chicken from anyone else but you again! Thank you for doing what you are doing. I am so pleased I stopped by and bought one! I'm sold! Suzie, Vista




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